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Synthesia AI Video Generator

What is Synthesia

How to Generate AI Video with Synthesia: The Ultimate Guide

In today’s digital age, video content reigns supreme. But creating professional videos can be time-consuming and costly. Enter Synthesia, the #1 AI video creation platform that’s revolutionizing the way we produce videos. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to generate AI videos using Synthesia, making video creation as simple as typing text.

Why Choose Synthesia?

  • Trusted by the Best: Over 50,000 companies, including industry giants like Teleperformance, Bestseller, and Accenture, rely on Synthesia for their video needs.
  • Fast and Efficient: Create professional videos in just 15 minutes. No more waiting for days or even weeks!
  • Diverse AI Avatars: Choose from 150+ ethnically diverse stock AI avatars, ensuring your videos resonate with a global audience.
  • Multilingual Capabilities: With support for 120+ languages and accents, Synthesia caters to a global audience, making it perfect for businesses aiming for international reach.

Getting Started with Synthesia

  • Text-to-Speech: Simply type in your desired content, and Synthesia will transform it into professional voiceovers in mere minutes.
  • Custom AI Avatars: Want a more personalized touch? Create your own custom AI avatar, a digital twin, to represent your brand or yourself.
  • Enhance with Gestures: Add micro-gestures like head nods or raised eyebrows to make your avatar more lifelike and engaging.
  • Voice Cloning: Clone your own voice and pair it with your custom AI avatar for a truly personalized video experience.

Features That Elevate Your Videos

  1. Security: Synthesia is SOC 2 and GDPR compliant, ensuring your data’s safety.
  2. Integration and Sharing: Seamlessly integrate with various media platforms and easily share and export your videos.
  3. ROI That Speaks: Companies have reported significant cost savings, increased engagement, and reduced video production time using Synthesia.

Synthesia, Templates for Every Need

Whether you’re in sales, IT management, customer service, or marketing, Synthesia has pre-made templates tailored for your needs. Turn boring documents and presentations into engaging videos, create product explainers, or transform text-based FAQs into interactive content.

Join the Synthesia Community

With on-demand tutorials, live workshops, and a community of over 3,000 Synthesia power users, you’re never alone on your AI video creation journey. Plus, with over 600 5-star reviews and a #1 rating on G2, you can be confident in the platform’s quality and reliability.


Generating AI videos has never been easier. With Synthesia, you can create professional, engaging videos without the need for cameras, actors, or extensive editing skills. Whether you’re a content marketer looking to boost engagement or a business aiming to streamline training, Synthesia offers the tools and features to elevate your video content. Ready to dive into the future of video creation? Create your account with Synthesia today and unleash the power of AI video generation.

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